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While some hair and nail conditions are common, others may be outward signs of a more serious underlying health issue. Dr. Anna Vawter, a board-certified dermatologist at Thrive Family Dermatology wants patients in Allen, Texas, to know that there are effective treatments available. If you’ve been dealing with a chronic condition that is affecting your overall health and well-being, make an appointment by calling the office or requesting a consultation online today.

Hair or Nail Conditions Q & A

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What are some common hair or nail conditions?

Men and women of all ages experience hair or nail conditions such as:

  • Dandruff
  • Excessive hair shedding
  • Alopecia areata (patchy hair loss)
  • Androgenetic alopecia (male or female pattern hair loss)
  • Skin conditions or infections may also affect the scalp or nails
  • Nail fungus

What is alopecia areata?

Alopecia areata is a condition in which your immune system attacks hair follicles, causing you to lose your hair. Often, clumps of hair fall out of your head or other areas of your body. This condition typically affects men and women under the age of 20, but it can also affect children or adults of any age.

The damage to your hair follicles from alopecia areata usually isn’t permanent. Dr. Vawter may recommend topicals, injected medications or immunotherapy to help improve this condition. For many people with alopecia areata, hair can grow back within a few months.

What is androgenetic alopecia?

Another form of hair loss is called androgenetic alopecia but is better known as male or female pattern baldness. Men and women with this condition experience a defined pattern of hair loss on their heads. Typically, the pattern for men includes a receding hairline near the top of their head that can progress to partial or complete baldness.

Women usually experience thinning hair all over their head, rather than a receding hairline, and unlike men, women almost never become completely bald. Topical minoxidil for both men and women, and oral finasteride for men, are often helpful in minimizing hair loss. Although hair loss may not be fully reversible, it’s often managed with medications.

There are many possible causes of hair loss. Dr. Vawter can help determine possible causes for your hair loss and check for more serious underlying conditions.

How is nail fungus treated?

A common condition in toenails, nail fungus can respond well to topical or oral antifungal treatments. Your nails may not be painful, but nails can become thickened, discolored, and brittle. Dr. Vawter recommends having your nails evaluated for the most accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment options.

For all your hair and nail concerns, call or request a consultation online today.

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